Paystar provides a financial institution the Paystar Suite a complete solution to offer remittance services, merchant services, mobile payments and payroll services to your customers. Paystar offers expertise in developing, operating and marketing a complete solution.

Benefits for Financial Institutions
Whether your a multinational bank or a money transfer agency, you can offer mobile finanical services to help you attract new customers and retain your existing ones.
Mobile Services
SMS, Web Apps, Mobile Apps, - whatever your customer needs! Paystar offers services for different devices and purposes.
Payment Options
Paystar payments can be used in many ways including money transfers, purchases and payroll.
Payment Processing
Paystar's products were designed to service and process transactions from the mobile phone.
Virtual/Stored Value Accounts
Whether you issue stored value accounts or not , the low cost and low maintenance, makes the Paystar stored value suite a great way of opening new markets and revenue streams.
Recognized Payment Brand
The Paystar brand represents a standard in mobile transfers and payments. All with a consistent level of service to your customers.