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Paystar Suite - Payroll Services

Paystar's payroll service provides for the enrollment of employees and the processing of payroll to local bank-issued debit cards or stored-value accounts.

Our payroll solution enables you to tap into a significant trend of employers reducing costs in issuing checks and paying salaries in cash. Many emerging countries are developing regulations requiring employers to place payroll into a debit or stored-value account to reduce employer and central bank cash requirements.

Services include:
  • Enrollment
  • Card Issuing (Visa, MasterCard, Private Label or Virtual/Stored Value accounts)
  • Employer Payroll to account processing
  • Employee Savings accounts
  • Employee Remittance (recurring, online, or mobile)

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Paystar Suite - Remittance Service

We offer a proprietary remittance system - "Paystar Remit", delivered in multiple countries around the world with our financial institution partners. We offer secure, efficient and innovative services to a Remittance Industry that is growing every year. Our products and services are ideal for small businesses, merchants, individuals and underserved communities.

  • Prepaid Debit Cards (in each country)
  • Mobile Services (MobiServices)
  • Secure Transfers
  • Low cost and efficient services
  • No waiting in lines...

Paystar Remittance Suite brochure
Paystar Frequently Asked Questions

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Paystar Suite - Merchant Management Services

We deliver an end-to-end Workflow driven Merchant Management solution to Banks, Acquirers, Processors, ISOs and their customers to reliably process their on-boarding, configuration and management needs. We offer a vast amount of features from Online and Off-line Application processing, Lead Management, Proposals, Credit Bureau integration, AVS, OFAC, Cost Comparison, ABA verification, reporting, along with providing real time information services to you and your merchants. We partner with you to help manage your merchant portfolio growth.

Through experience and innovation, we provide you with the tools to effectively manage your business.

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